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Blur the line between food and art.

mobile: +44 (0) 7780 382 195
Growing up, I studied art. I loved color, form, shadow, texture, composition… I loved what negative space did in an image and how perspective and depth-of-field enhanced what you see.
I loved everything about the creative and the concrete.
Then I became a chef - for 15 years. Food is such an amazing medium. You get to use taste as a component to sculpt. It’s never just food on a plate.
To be able to combine years of studying the arts with years of professional cooking...
I have enjoyed every single food styling project I’ve worked on.
I also really enjoy working with photographers and art directors. We want the same thing - a beautiful image, an ecstatic client and getting the product to be as amazing as possible.
I love that battle, the war against gravity, a race against time. Working together to get the shot that is the most perfect… that gets me up early and keeps me going.
Please send me an email or give me a call to discuss any project you have in mind.
Food Stylist for Video and Stills - Commercial and Film - Print and Pack Shots. Home Economist and Content creator
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